build a strong relationship
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7 Habits To Build A Strong Relationship – Nurture Your Bonding

Had met your soulmate? Do you think your bonding comprises of all the essential habits that are needed to build a strong relationship? Well, before you actually settle for spending your whole life with that person, there are several steps that both of you need to walk together. Plenty of relationships fail to work and even after being with each other for years, the couples finally decide to get separated. That is probably the reason that the divorce rate is constantly rising!

On the contrary, I would also insist you to put in a lot of effort into your relationship before you ultimately resign from it. Mind you, these days, nothing is earned easy! Thus, you won’t be getting anything ready-made rather you will have to work on it to earn it. Yet, there are multiple instances where you see you cannot make it anyway and end up being frustrated at the end.

All I have got to say you over here is give your best and make sure that you aren’t keeping a space to regret later on! Every relationship has something or the other to teach you. Either you will be able to win the beautiful person or a lesson.

build a strong relationship

Anyway, skipping away all the negativity, let’s talk about something positive as I am writing this piece with the intention to highlight the habits that are important for healthy relationships.

I have seen a lot of my friends and colleagues, who are into relationships, some of them seem to be happy and satisfied; while there are a handful of couples who keep on arguing with each other the whole day.

After carefully noticing most of them, I would say that there are several factors, not just one or two, that contribute towards making a perfect romantic partnership. It’s not a story written overnight, instead it takes quite a good deal of effort and time.


Of course, it matters a lot. Distance in a relationship isn’t counted in kilo-metres but by the closeness of your hearts. The drift in a relationship often comes since there is a lack of communication.

Are you aware of what is going on in not just your partner’s life but heart too? Let me tell you, every happy couple vocalizes their feelings for one another. Do not hide the flaws beneath the rug.

Learn to compliment each other as well as discuss issues that appear awkward. You cannot always talk about good, since a relationship is just like life, consisting of both good as well as bad!

Quality Time

Value quality over quantity. No matter how long both of you have been spending time with each other, it is important to note that you are happy with one another. Have fun moments and make sure that you collect a lot of memories to cherish later on. A night out for dinner, an evening shared watching funny YouTube videos or a surprise lunch plan will definitely give you a scope to get some “We-Time”.

Being a good listener

Let your partner speak openly and when he or she talks, let them realize that you are listening to his or her fears and concerns. This will surely help your partner trust you as you would be able to connect with him or her even more deliberately. There are times when your partner would be craving for care and consolation, make sure you are able to dedicate that time to him or her. Be in your partner’s time of necessity!

build a strong relationshipCare comes with sharing

A strong relationship is built only when couples are able to share anything and everything with one another. Such a bonding comes with trust and no matter what, both of you should feel comfortable in discussing any emotional or traumatic issues of your life, without letting things turn vulnerable. A bond is strong when you keep holding each other’s hand even in the toughest times and irrespective of any circumstance or history of the past, you do not let one another go!

Learn to accept the truth

The “truth and lie” game keeps on playing among a lot of lovers. Most couple chooses to lie since they are afraid of losing their partner. This is certainly a two-party move. When one partner expects the truth, he or she must also have the potential to digest the reality and understand the perspective of the other person.

On the contrary, the other person must take care that he or she does not require to lie. In case any such situation coincides, you must sit with your partner and try dealing with the matter calmly.

Taking mental notes

When you bother about your partner, it is important for you to remember the likes and dislikes of that person. Obviously, you are expected to take a note of what he or she says or wants you to do for him or her. You may need to go down on your knees at times, do not mind doing it since your little effort can certainly put a delightful curve on your partner’s face. However, there are times when you need to take care of your self-esteem too.

Learn where to stop teasing

It is not necessary to remain serious all the time. You can tease each other at times but it is important for you to learn where to stop and where to give in. A strong bond has the sense to continue and pause. You will know when he or she is liking it and leave as it is meant to be!

Both of you need to work together, cause, the string is to be held tightly along both the ends. In case any of you leaves the thread, the other would be badly hurt!

Before taking off my fingers from the keys as I have been typing for quite a long time, I guess I should share something with my fellow readers! You know what, I myself has analysed that these habits of mine have boosted up my love life wonderfully. Experiencing from my own life, I hope they will make wonder for you as well, towards maintaining a happy twosome!

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