4 of the Newest Ladies’ Timepieces From Marc By Marc Jacobs That You Should Buy Today

One of the most underrated accessories from the ladies is the watches that they put on their wrists. Wearing a timepiece that looks exceptional, sophisticated, and elegant is truly a must-have for modern women today.

Moreover, having a timepiece that’s from a reputable brand can surely impress any social circle. With this fact, Marc By Marc Jacobs is a reputable brand that offers a long list of elegant and sophisticated-looking watches. Here are four of the newest timepieces from Marc By Marc Jacobs that ladies should consider buying today:

Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Timepiece Model MBM3219

Starting off our list of must-have Marc by Marc Jacobs ladies watches is the model MBM3219, and it features a sophisticated-looking rose-gold aesthetic. 

Everything about this ladies’ timepiece comes in a rose-gold finish, including its case. The rose-gold case is made out of stainless steel in a classic round shape with a diameter of 26 mm. The band is also made out of stainless steel and comes in a rose-gold finish too.

One of the main attractions of this Marc Jacobs Watch is its dial. The dial of the MBM3219 also comes in a rose-gold finish. It also features indexes that are multi-colored crystals. One thing that’s fitting and unique about this timepiece is its rose gold hands. All of the rose gold aesthetic of this watch is then paired with water-resistant features of up to 50 meters!

The MBM3219 from Marc Jacobs is the perfect ladies timepiece if you want something that looks sophisticated and elegant to match any casual style or look.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Timepiece Model MBM3177

Ladies can never go wrong with a two-tone timepiece that looks incredibly luxurious and sophisticated. The MBM3177 timepiece from Marc Jacobs features the perfect blend of silver and gold translated into a timepiece. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect combination to match any formal or corporate outfit!

The dial of the MBM3177 comes in a silver finish. It also features crystal indexes that look incredibly elegant and exceptional. The indexes are then paired with hands that come in a gold-tone finish. Without a doubt, the dial of this ladies’ timepiece is truly something to envy about!

 The case and band of this ladies’ timepiece are both made out of stainless steel. For its case, it features the same two-toned finish on a round shape with a diameter of 40 mm, the perfect diameter for an elegant-looking ladies’ watch. The band is also two-toned, and it complements the gold-silver tone aesthetic of the watch. 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Watch MBM3218

Modern-day ladies can never go wrong with a watch that comes in a rose gold finish. The MBM3218 features a rose gold-themed aesthetic with a few quirky details that infuse its luxurious feel. 

The dial, case, and band all come in a rose gold finish. Its dial, besides being in a rose gold finish, features indexes that are blue and clear crystal. Without a doubt, the combination of rose gold paired with blue and clear crystal looks incredibly exceptional!

The case and band are both made out of stainless steel, and the case sports a 26 mm diameter. The band features the same rose gold finish together with the stainless steel material.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Ladies Watch Model MBM2553

We’ve already featured a couple of rose gold-themed timepieces in our collection. Rose gold is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and popular colorways on all accessories today. What if we tell you that Marc Jacobs found a way to make rose gold look more elegant and sophisticated? They combined rose gold together with black in their ladies’ timepiece model MBM2553!

The MBM2553, as we said, features a black and rose gold aesthetic. The case features stainless steel material and features the two-toned aesthetic of rose gold and black. It comes in a round shape which has a diameter of around 40 mm. The band of this ladies’ timepiece is also made out of stainless steel, but it features some silicone to make it feel more comfortable. 

The dial of this ladies’ timepiece is the one that undoubtedly infuses it with personality. It comes in a black finish with luminous rose gold hands. It also sports a date window that’s located between indexes four and five.


Marc by Marc Jacobs has sustained its tradition of providing some of the best ladies’ timepieces in the industry. These Marc Jacobs watches are the perfect timepiece to buy yourself or to buy as a gift. 

Ladies can never go wrong with an elegant and sophisticated-looking timepiece that has Marc Jacobs branding in it! If it’s from Marc by Marc Jacobs, it’s undoubtedly luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant!


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