5 Best Sites to Help Students Prepare For Tests

Preparing for an exam is stressful and time-consuming, but with the right study tools, I pimp my paper effectively without being stressed out. Starting the process early and using the correct study sites ensures that you have enough time to go through all the study materials so you can be ready for the test.

To understand the basics and grasp every material that you study, you need to go through the materials more than once. There are credible sites online which can be of great help when one is preparing for tests.


This site acts as a database for content from an Australian research organization, libraries, archives and museums. It is a great tool with very credible content from the library of Australia for students working on research or essay tests. The site is easily accessible over the phone, making it easy to use anywhere.

Math TV

This site is very helpful with basic math all the way to calculus. It has tutorial videos which are broken into shorter useful lessons. They are very helpful because they are short with helpful situations that are clear on math concepts. The videos are so clear because they are exactly like watching your teacher explain the same. They use a whiteboard to develop the problems making it easier for students to understand. They are also well equipped with several online books on math topics that you can use in your study, and the books are accessible for free. In case of any question and clarification, you may need to do more research.


This site has a different series of English tests for any student to practice regardless of their level. It has English tests between AP senior and Middle School so tests are available at any level. The best thing is it provides feedback to students on where they are right or wrong with an explanation of why it is that way. The site grades you in comparison to other students who have taken the tests before and this site is great to ensure you improve on your vocabulary.

Major Tests

An easy to navigate the site with clean test prep sites. This is almost the largest collection of prep test for GMAT, GRE, and SATs. The tests are further divided into several segments and after finishing each one, one gets to be graded. If you get it wrong, you get explanations as to why your answer was wrong and what you need to do to correct it. You get to understand what is correct and how it’s done. This is a great way of getting it right.


This is used by thousands of students. The site allows the review of student assignments, essays, and assessment. These are reviewed and sent back to the student with detailed feedback on the essays. In the evenings and weekends, the site has subject specialists waiting to answer different questions from students on their subjects. You get a chance to review the site for only $10 before deciding if you want to continue.

Online websites have the ability to hold different useful resources for students. You can basically access anything online, including educational videos, notes, past papers, and practice essays.

Use information from your classroom to study online to avoid studying irrelevant materials. Confirm whether the online information tallies with your classroom notes and use only credible sites on the internet to study.

The extensive online resources make the sites very useful as one can choose from a range of topics and subjects. Get support and ideas from peers around the globe. For complex topics take notes and break down into small steps. Side notes are also very helpful for study.


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