5 Experiences To Get Your Partner Instead Of Things

Do you know what keeps the romance alive? The occasional outlier, a shift in the balance- and a little spontaneity here and there. Once you truly know someone, little about the person changes. If they love shoes, chances are, and you will always be tempted to buy them new shoes every so often. However, how many shoes does one need?

Surprising your loved one with an experience that blows their mind shakes up your relationship in a good way. Like the occasional wine in food. The right phrasing would probably be: “Experiences redefine your partner’s image in your eyes.”

1.    Archery and shooting ranges

This experience is perfect for someone who has experienced some frustration lately.Try an archery or shooting range gift card. Gun ranges offer different rifle sizes and an assortment of targets that will keep your loved one relieving their anger for as long as it takes. With hourly charges, archery and shooting ranges allow participants to release pent-up tensions all the while focusing on what is important. That way you hit two birds with one stone.

2.    Cookery and drink classes

A cooking lesson gift voucher is especially ideal for a loved one who loves the kitchen. Cooking classes introduce one to a whole new world of delicacies, new friends and great cuisine to try out at home. If your partner loses themselves at the cocktail bar, then they are most likely to adore a drinking class.

If you are tired of spending all your money at the Mediterranean restaurant, a cooking class would be a worthy investment. Why spend money if you can have it made at home?

3.    Weekend gateways

Fill the tank, blast some music and dress to kill, weekend gateways serve as a great opportunity to reconnect without kids and the pressures of family. You can make a road trip out of it, sleeping in different motels, trying out street foods, farmers markets and even adding sleeping in a tent to the weekend plan.

4.    Bungee jumping, zip lining

Nothing quite changes perspective like falling from a height and plummeting to the ground at rocket speed. People who have experienced such thrilling experiences tell you that that at 1000 miles above the ground, you get to realize that socks on the floor are probably not the worst thing to happen to humanity.  As a bonus to the near-death experience, you get to overcome the fear of heights.

5.    Tickets to a local event

Some folks believe in supporting local talent. If your partner happens to be one of these, local production of a play, a movie or an interactive theatre experience would be appealing to them. Marathons and races are also great ways to spend time outdoors, cardio and at the same time,you stand a chance to win something. In conclusion, the kind of experience that would appeal to your loved one is fully dependent on them as an individual and your knowledge of them. There are more things that you can do up to and including fishing, kayaking, a grand liquor cruise or even a visit to the wine country.


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