5 Ways to Master the Tricky Art of Mix-Matching the Outfits

Influencer marketing is still a powerful tool for firms to connect with their target customers. Brands find top fashion influencers on Instagram, which is one of the greatest social media platforms for doing so. Finding the proper one to reflect the brand, though, can be tough. The best influencers provide a refreshing mix of hope and reality to their audience. There is thousands of fashion influencer, and Teju is one of the most trending’. Teju, an Instagram fashion influencer, inspires everyone with her style and charm.

These days, online shopping is highly in trend, and most people prefer to do online shopping due to several reasons. There are many things which people need to be aware of while purchasing anything, especially clothes. The fabric, size, comfort, and colour combination of clothes are the most important things that people must keep in mind during shopping.

It is not simple to match the colours of clothing, as it is a deal maker to select the accurate colour and match the same. Here people will understand the theory of colour mentioned by Teju, which will be very helpful for them to finalize the colour. Let’s start-

  • The colour wheel plays a huge role in understanding the visual of the colours. There are few categories of the wheel, and this universal theory of the colour wheel will be very helpful while buy or deal with clothing. People can easily find different types of clothing with unique colours, thanks to Teju
  • People just need to select the colour as per their wish list. If someone is aware of the different categories of the colours, then they will not find any difficult to select their attire.

While buying clothes, people must keep in mind that colour combinations always work in harmony. For the same, the following steps will be quite useful-

  1. Complementary -Some colours work best when they are kept together, and these colours include violent and yellow, Red and green, and blue and orange. People can see the beauty of these colours in the images. However, some people feel these colours are very bold, but after observing the same very carefully. They will understand that these colours are the best for the spring and summer seasons.
  1. Analogous – When more than three shades are mix on the colour wheel, then it’s is known as the Analogous matching of the colour. If someone is looking for such an outfit that will give them a stylish and striking look, then they must purchase such an outfit at affordable charges. Before buying any cloth, one can easily look at the fashion influencer Teju for unique colour combos.
  1. Triadic- One just needs to be aware of what type of shades they want to have in their outfit as some people live the nude shades, and some love bold shades. While selecting any shades for the outfits, also keep the jewellery or other accessories in mind. To add on, they should be aware of the shoes and other stuff while wearing such outfits.


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