8 Toy Organizers That Are Safe For Children

Who doesn’t love a good clean-up? The inside of your young one’s room, craft closet, and art cabinet may be in an eternal state of chaos. To help you out, we’ll give you some practical kid storage ideas for even the tiniest products such as legos, pencils, stuffed toys, and also diapers. It will make all that tidying up much more manageable!

With all of the toys, clothes, and other kid paraphernalia in your home, it is very easy to spend hours organizing kids’ rooms, only for them to fall apart again days later. Although this may seem discouraging, don’t give up just yet – we’ve got some cool storage ideas that show you how to organize these frequently used children’s products, so they stay neat no matter what!

Woven Baskets for Toys

Are you tired of having a cluttered home? Try using woven baskets as a toy organizer! The best thing about them is that they can be customized to fit your needs. You can use the same basket for different things, or you could have separate ones depending on what items are in there; either way will save space and keep everything tidy. Woven baskets come with many benefits, including taking up little room while holding so much more than other storage options like drawers and closets do (plus it’s easier to find stuff)!

Toy Chest

The great thing about toy chests is that they are very easy to carry around. The lid, which covers the entire bin and can be locked shut with a locking mechanism, also keeps everything neatly in place, so kids don’t have to dig through their toys for hours looking for what they’re playing with at any given time. This means you won’t need to spend as much money on multiple bulky storage bins or boxes because every little item will always be correct where it should be!

Include Under-Bed Storage

Beds with built-in storage are a great idea for homes without much space to spare. A divan bed is often the perfect solution, as it has drawers at just the right height and sliding panels that make getting things in and out quick and easy! If you don’t like how your divan looks but still want more room under the bed, look for beds or dressers tall enough so that small boxes can fit underneath them too.

Open Shelving and Cube Organizer

When it comes to a child’s space, cube storage is always the best choice. You will need an easy place to store all of their items without sacrificing style with bins with handles or open shelving where you can see your favorite books. The storage unit on top provides eye-catching appeal and displays adorable books near perfect for children aged three-eight years old at varying reading levels.

DIY Wall-Mounted Storage

The space-saving wall-mounted storage units allow you to free up floor space in your kids’ room without sacrificing any of the visual appeals. In addition, making open crates out of old boxes is an innovative idea for children’s bedrooms that also helps keep clutter under control and everything at eye level.

Play Table With Storage

Play tables are not just for kids! Adults can have a lot of fun with these two. They’re both efficient and visually appealing, combining the benefits of playtime with usefulness throughout your home, thanks to plenty of storage elements that come with many different designs.

Install Shelves With Creative Designs 

Narrow shelves take up little space and are great for displaying books with their covers facing out. This is especially helpful to children who can quickly look at the titles on book spines or those who need help finding a specific title of interest. The honeycomb units then transition from toy storage into trinkets and trophy displays as they grow older!

  • DIY Rolling Toy Storage

This rolling storage box is perfect for storing toys under the bed. It’s easy to assemble and has wheels so that kids can easily access their favorite toys while keeping chaos off of the ground with in-built organizers. You can use paint on each drawer to help your little one organize items by color or shape!


Making this new system enjoyable for your child is the most effective way to ensure that they adhere to it. You can start by turning it into a fun game or offer them a small prize until their toys are packed away, but you should also be sure to emphasize how vital putting things back in place actually is as well!

After all, if we don’t clean up after ourselves, then where will our room go? Sift through these different toy storage options and determine which one would work best with your children’s needs!


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