9 best MOBAs and Arena Battle games

We live in a world where gaming technology has evolved to such a great extent that people literally are stuck to their devices all the time. Talking of which the concept of MOBAs is quite new. Those who have been experts probably are aware of it. But for those who are quite new needs to understand that it is an abbreviation of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. While there are so many popular options in MOBA’s available such as vainglory and AFK Arena to name some, you probably first need to understand the genre and then choose the one that can match your taste.

9 best MOBAs and Arena Battle games

Listed are some of the finest MOBAs collection of games that you may want to choose. The game style is quite simple and can work on Android too.  It is time to choose the one that grabs your attention first:

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is free to be played online. It is one of the legendary MOBA’s games that is available for mobile devices. With just a few downloads, the game has gained a lot of popularity. Moving further about the features, the game has gained better controlled, five vs five battles and even the ten-minute match lengths to name some. Those players who get busy with their work schedules often can get disconnected. But they don’t have to dishearten themselves as this can be re-joined with the same battel.

2. Brave Legends

Brave legends is another free gaming section which is made with the perfect expert’s design and creativity. This faithful MOBA gaming is the finest genre option to choose from. It is a blend of MOBA with some RPG action. There are different characters which you can level. You can also do the battle against opponents. The mixture of the genre is quite good provided you are looking for something unique. But if you are hoping for the best of MOBA experience then it can be a trouble. The game is also loaded with some of the powerful features with great characters for collecting them. Each of the characters is loaded with great skills to play further.

3. Heroes Arena

Another free game that is available in the MOBA section is Heroes Arena. Even if it is not much popular but the game is a must-try. It comes with features such as 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes. This gives you a better scope to make the choice amongst the matches time length you want to extend. Besides, there is also a wide range of heroes available with a pre-gaming customization option. The game opts for the quick play option by allowing the players to do a few things such as purchasing equipment without getting back to the base.

4. AFK Arena

This is one of the popular Lilith Games which offers casual multiple playing solution. You can play AFK Arena on a mobile phone. The game so far has reached 6.6 million players on Android and iOS. It has the theme of the Esperia realm where the players are assigned with certain tasks to collect and train the heroes who can save it. There are different characters which the player needs to collect. That is not it, there are also different factions present in the game which makes it more interesting too.

5. Arena of Valor

For the player inside you, it is time to explore your gaming skills by playing this interesting game. It is the trending MOBAs game that you can come across. It comes with features multiple game modes such as One vs one or five vs five. Besides, there are ample of  coop multiplier, heroes and even the ten minute matches. The game is launched along with the razer phone which gained a lot of popularity. 

6. Vainglory

This is another interesting game that you must try. It is known for its accurate tap controlling. You can make use of the touchscreen on the mobile device and also make the overall gameplay quite simple. The developers surely have put a lot of effort into making this lovely game with amazing graphics. That is why you shall enjoy the fight scenes and smooth movement of the game. The game is available for free for iOs and even the Android players for both phones and tablets. 

7. Onmyoji Arena

To make this game, surely there must be so much effort that developers might have put. The game is more like a character base. It works more similar to that of other MBOAs but some of the unique differences are there too. It comes with three verses or says triple battle royale mode too. The game is known to have some history issues but overall you can have a positive experience.

8. X world

This is another best game you must try out. The game has got incredible characters with unique skills and specials too. There is no character that can actually be overpowered. It comes with 4 characters per each battle which is why there is a diversity in the game. The battle is around for 15 minutes. That is why players are always enthusiastic and alive to play this amazing game. This immersive 5v5 battle is the best way to understand the teamwork and make the communication simple.

9. Heroes of Order & Chaos

This game comes with three maps which allows you to play with other players or as the solo. The three vs three real players is an interesting one that you might want to try out. In case the players are not able to make up with a strong team then bots can also be used. This way practice becomes more common with solo play and you are all set for the large matches too. 


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