All To Know About Coronavirus- ‘ a Deadly Virus’!

Coronavirus has created fear in the minds of many people as majority of them are getting affected with this virus day by day. Daily you hear something about this Coronavirus, isn’t it? Due to this, no one is feeling safe in many countries right now. 

But, it’s important for us to know what actually is Coronavirus, how it’s spreading, how we can protect ourselves and so on. This guide will let you know about the same! Let’s get started! 

What is Coronavirus?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), coronaviruses are actually group of viruses that are responsible for causing illness ranging from normal cold to severe illnesses. 

As per WHO, symptoms of infection incorporate fever, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties and cough. There can be a sign of perpetual tiredness, sore throat, severe ache, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, dry cough etc. In severe cases, there’s a chance of pneumonia, multiple failures of organ and sometimes-even death too. 

No doubt, a fit person may get infected easily by coming in contact with another person who is already suffering from this virus. When infected person sneezes and cough, the production of secretions take place which can make any healthy person ill. In addition to this, the virus can likewise spread by shaking hands with infected people too. 

Can Coronavirus be Prevented?

Now the majority of people ask this question “can it be prevented”? Of course, you can keep yourself safe if you take few precautions. Let’s have a look at some tips that one can follow to keep themselves safe from this deadly disease -‘Coronavirus’. 

  • Avoid meeting sick people and its better to remain in your house if you are not well. 
  • Wash the hands properly and frequently with soap particularly after coming from a bathroom, before consuming meals, or after blowing nose, sneezing, coughing and so on. 
  • In case, if you are out of your home and there’s no availability of soap and water then you can make use of hand sanitizers too (60% alcohol-based only). 
  • Avoid touching areas like mouth, eyes and nose, as these are the areas from where a virus can enter easily. 

How it Spreads?

Similarly to other viral diseases, Coronavirus is also too contagious. Now, the virus flourishes on surfaces such as door handles, rods, tabletop. The major chance of risk is touching the eyes, nose and mouth areas after touching the infected surfaces. 

The reality is that spread of infection is actually not from the air that one breathes in; however, from surface on which virus might have landed. 

Social Isolation is Crucial at this Stage

It’s better to keep yourself isolated in a room for some days, as it’s a deadly virus. Avoid travelling to different places, if possible postpone all wedding plans and even try to avoid family functions too. 

Several actions have been taken to reduce the spread of virus.

  • People are now working from their homes rather than commuting to workplaces, sports events have cancelled, educational institutions are closed, malls as well as other public places people are avoiding these days. 
  • Its completely in our hands how we cooperate. If we all cooperate with each other and stay at home for some days then, of course, we can reduce the spread of Coronavirus to a great extent. But, in order to do that every one of us needs full support from each other!

Everyone must take necessary precautions, adults more than 60 years of age are at higher chances of risk and those suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, lung and heart diseases.

Such people must avoid visiting crowded areas and its better to stock up all essential household items, medicines, as well as other supplies. This way you won’t have to rush outside for buying all these essential items. 

The WHO recommends the below-given steps too:

  • Visit health care specialist if you are suffering from cough, breathing problem. Tell the health care specialist if you have recently travelled somewhere else. 
  • Avoid consuming raw chicken and animal organs. 
  • Try to avoid coming in contact with street animals as well as surfaces they might have touched. 

Final Insights

Hope this guide about Coronavirus has helped you in knowing more about it and how you can prevent yourself from this deadly virus. 

This time, the only option left with us is to take care of ourselves in the best way and to stay at home only. Nothing will work best except this solution! Cases day by day are increasing so there’s a possibility that an infected person can’t get immediate treatment.


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