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First relationship

7 signs to know that you are still not over with your first relationship

Break up can be something really brutal. The pain of the relationship may linger for a prolonged duration, and therefore, several people find it...
Couple in coffee parlour

10 amazing, yet inexpensive date ideas for couples on valentine’s day

Planning dates in the present economic scenario can be something really expensive, yet a surprise Valentine's day date always imposes several positive values on...
Long distance relationship

Tips to strengthen your bond – being in a long-distance relationship

Absence makes your heart yell a bit louder, and that is why long-distance relationships are said to be a foot up. Geographical separation do...
Celiac Disease and its countermeasure

Celiac Disease and its countermeasure – a critical analysis

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that occurs in genetically predisposed people where the intake of gluten based food leads to damage to the...
Plan for a thrilling road trip

Tips to plan for a thrilling road trip – the master advice

Who would nor prefer packing up their friends and family in a car and hit the open road? However, making a perfect plan for...
Get rid of Acne

10 Natural Ways to get rid of Acne – work them out

It is the wish of every individual to avail a scar-free skin, and we are even more concerned about it when it comes to...

Avail the magic work with personal fitness training

An important concern of the people in the recent days is regarding time, and thus, the professionals at personal fitness training have made plans...
Lose weight in 30 days

How to lose weight in 30 days – work them out

Each one of us wants to get in perfect shape and form, and therefore it is exclusively important to take up the challenge and...

10 questions to ask a girl to make her wet

Words are extremely powerful to make anyone do stuff for you. Seducing a girl isn't easy at times, but you may choose to do...
Siem Reap travelvideo

Experiencing the most authentic Siem Reap travel

All of us love travelling! Don’t we? The fact of denial lies somewhere amidst our busy schedules, wherein we could hardly make anytime and...