Creating the Perfect Antipasto Platter

Picture this, you have invited some friends over for an afternoon or night for good company conversations and of course food. You don’t want to be the one who offers up soggy spring rolls and uninspiring pies so instead, you bring out the Antipasto Platter. What’s wrong with a cheesy meal? An ultimate mix of different kinds of fruits ranging from olives, cold meats, cheeses and vegetables to mushrooms, fruits, anchovies and bread, the antipasto platter is an art form that is bound to make your friends feel pampered and relaxed, after all the recipe for a great night is great food and great company. Speaking of recipes, here is what you need to do to create the perfect antipasto platter.

The Inspiring Mood Base

Like mentioned, creating a great antipasto platter is like creating an art form. It is like preparing for a date. You need to set the mood. If it is summer your setting is likely to be out in the deck enjoying the evening sun. For a winter affair, then a cozy setup indoors near the fireplace is a great idea. Then there is the base upon which you will lay out your magnificent antipasto spread. The best spread is on a rustic table where you can place your wooden, marble or colored serving board to hold your antipasto and surrounding it, glasses of white or red wine. Your server should make the meal more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring without making it look overcrowded. Get inspiration in serving antipasto by trying out the best antipasto at Vaticano Cucina restaurant in Edmonton.

The Delicious Ingredients

While good presentation goes a long way in making the platter appetizing and inspiring, you should also ensure that you pick out ingredients that give the perfect mix and balance of flavors. To be on the safe side, have at least 10 options and assume that your friends will definitely try everything at least twice. This assumption will help you know how much you should buy to build your ultimate antipasto platter. Then proceed to get:

  • A high-quality selection of cheese the reigning ingredient. Choose soft, firm, blue and aged varieties.
  • Choose at least 3 or 4 types of meat such as salami, ham, and prosciutto.
  • Green and purple grapes.
  • Green and black olives.
  • 3 types of nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, cashews or almonds.
  • Berries that are in season, frozen, or dried fruits such as apricots and dates.
  • Cucumber and carrot sticks.
  • Sliced tomatoes and basil leaves that you can put on top of the bread.
  • Different types of crackers.
  • Extra virgin oil and balsamic vinegar mix.
  • Sliced bread such as garlic or bruschetta bread.

The Artistic Arrangement

The antipasto platter is a visually appealing display of culinary delights and to achieve this, start by arranging the cheese and around it, fan the rest of the ingredients in contrasting colors but without intermingling the different categories. Complementary flavors should be near each other such that the food stands out and is well-though-out.


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