Essential Care Tips You Need to Follow After Invisalign Treatment

If you are not in favour of metal brackets or those traditional wire braces, Invisalign must be the best choice for you. People prefer it more because this technique is more convenient and less painful as well. You can even eat properly and brush your teeth that are otherwise the most challenging task for those who use braces. This orthodontic treatment can help you straighten your teeth with ease,but in order to ensure best results, you must apply some care strategies.

Below we have highlighted a fewtips for getting the most out of your Invisalign treatment at Vivortho Courbevoie:

Tip 1: Never forget to floss every day:

Most of the people are more concerned about brushing their teeth in routine, but it is high time to understand that importance of flossing as well. If you are undergoing Invisalign treatment, this cleaning routine becomes essential. Note that the aligners often hold some food remains against your teeth,and they cannot be taken out with normal brushing. Flossing can help you to ensure clean and healthy teeth every day.

Tip 2: Follow 48-hour instructions precisely:


Experts advise that it is important to wear the aligners as much as possible for the first 48 hours after the treatment. It must be taken out only when you want to brush your teeth and must be placed back instantly. Although it is equally important to wear aligners in routine, this instruction is more valuable for the first 48 hours after Invisalign.

Tip 3: Prefer wearing them at least 22-hours a day:

Once people complete the first 48-hour routine, they often get more flexible about wearing aligners,but if you want to achieve desired results fast, experts recommend wearing them most of the time every day. At an average, 22 hours are essential to get your teeth aligned fast.

Tip 4: Keep changing them time to time:

When you go for Invisalign treatment. Some patients keep on switching the trays so fast that teeth do not get proper time to align. It is important to follow instructions provided by professionals to ensure the best treatment in minimum time. Put the different tray only when you are asked to do so by the professionals.

Tip 5: Learn the procedures to care for aligners:

Many users do not follow proper cleaning routine for their aligner trays,and soon it turns out to be a complete mess. In case if you want to keep your teeth safe from bacteria attack, it is good to follow proper care routines for your aligners. The best idea is to use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean them. Never ever use toothpaste for cleaning your aligner trays as it causes scratch marks on the plastic material and prepares some space for bacteria as well. Once you be more careful about your aligner and start following expert guidelines, soon you will be able to enjoy a great smile with perfect teeth.


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