Four Dressing Commandments That All Teachers Should Follow

Teaching is one of the most honorable professions since it entails shaping young people to become better adults. Considering that teachers spend most of their time with children, it is expected for them to watch how they do everything near them since they end up copying the same. The dressing is one of the factors that teachers need to pay attention to. As a teacher, before you leave for class, you need to ensure that you dress not only professionally but also in attire that makes you approachable by students. Here are four rules to follow when wearing as a teacher to help you remain professional and bring out your personality.


Find Out Whether the School Has a Specified Outfit

More often than not, some schools set a specific dressing code that they expect all their teachers to follow. Considering that the school managers are your bosses, make sure that you follow the specified instructions to avoid being at longer heads with them. You can consult the school principal or other administrators for a heads up on the official dressing code for the school. In case there is no specific dressing code for the teachers, the school could provide a list of suggestions on what you should or should not wear.

Look for Comfortable Dressing Codes

Ideally, as a teacher, some of the practices that you will do in the course of your job will involve practical skills. With this in mind, when picking your ideal dressing code, make sure that you go for something that will be comfortable in. For instance, picking long women dress pants will keep you looking good and feeling comfortable all day. On the other hand, make sure that the fabrics of the clothes you wear are breathable. Materials such as cotton, linen, or denim, among others, are ideal fabrics to wear when going to class.

Avoid Skin-Revealing Clothing

Skin revealing clothing in inappropriate in any profession but more so in the teaching profession. When going to class, remember that you have kids looking at you and who will try their best to be like you. For this reason, as their role model, it is inappropriate to go for a dressing code that will show these kids parts of your skin. For a professional look, go for clothes that are fitting but not too revealing. Go for skirts or dresses that hit slightly above or below your knee.

Watch How You Accessorize Your Outfits

Accessorizing your outfits is one way to help complement your look and make it superb. However, as a teacher, you have to watch the accessories that you use on your body. For instance, when styling your hair, go for a professional look with a natural everyday routine. On the other hand, avoid excess makeup and strive to keep it simple. Simple foundation and mascara can give you a look that you need and still keep you looking professional. Wearing too much makeup could also end up distracting students.

As a teacher, your dressing code not only gives an impression of who you are to your employees but also acts as an inspiration to your students. For this reason, before you leave for work, you need to make sure that you are dressed according to expectations. Use the information above for commandments that you need to follow when dressing in the teaching profession.  


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