Home Projects: 3 DIY Garage Shelves Ideas For Your Home

Most of us adore our garage. It’s not just a place to park the car; it’s also a place to store everything else that comes in handy, such as tools for our vehicles, a pump, a dryer, gardening tools, and even wood saws. It also serves as a tool bank. However, since so many valuable things end up in the garage, avoiding clutter in corners is almost close to impossible. 

If you are an organized person like me, I’m pretty sure this is an eyesore. Well, worry no more since, in this article, we will help you in creating the best DIY shelves for your garage. Not only can a DIY garage shelf help you organize your garage, but it will also make it easier for you to access your equipment and supplies. So come along with us as we walk you through the creation of the best garage shelves.

DIY Floating Garage Shelves

If you want something that can help you store and organize your stuff in the garage, then floating garage storage shelves are the perfect option for you. DIY garage shelves like this one would help you in creating space underneath for very large objects. 

This great garage storage shelf helps you to make the most of the storage space on your walls while still maximizing the most of your garage floor space. This DIY floating garage storage shelf is usually made of wood, but it may also be made of metal. Metal is not recommended because it will put so much weight on the wall.

Material selection and measurement are important when building your garage shelves. Remember that this project will be successful with the right planning, so I highly recommend not to skip this part and keep your safety glasses on.

DIY Garage Shelves With Doors

This type of garage storage is a fantastic way to hide a collection of tools and items! Most of the best DIY garage storage shelves you’ll ever get are the DIY garage storage shelves with doors. With all tucked behind the fence, it gives the impression that your garage is more structured. This is the safest option to prevent a domestic threat whether you have children running around your garage. 

This shelf differs from another in the same way that an open closet differs from a closed one; of course, the closed one keeps your room ordered and clean. For a more oversized and more spacious garage, your DIY garage storage shelves with doors are ideal. It can hold more and huge stuff such as camping or fishing gear, gardening tools, and toys.

After planning the project, you also need to list all the materials needed for this garage shelf. To help you out, I have gathered the list of materials you need for this one:  4-in-1 screwdriver, Stud finder, hacksaw, nail gun, drill bit set, step ladder, cordless drill, and of course, safety glasses. When dealing with power tools, you also have to make sure that you are wearing protective gear.

Attached Garage Storage Shelves

This is the simplest form of garage shelf to construct: it requires more minor parts, costs less, and is less stressful. With only a few simple tools, everyone can create. The attached garage shelves come in a variety of styles, but this is the most straightforward.

To start, measure the wood and estimate it based on the length of your garage. Measurement plays a vital role in this project. It will give you a clear vision of the garage storage that you want to build. There is no particular style of doing this attached garage storage shelf. Garage shelves like this one can also be connected to the garage entrance, the corner of the door, and the walls.

Safety is also important when doing DIY projects such as this one. Investing in protective gear will also contribute to the success of your DIY garage storage shelves.


DIYs are fun, mainly when you’re doing them with friends and family. You can create your favorite DIY garage shelves from the beginning to the end with less hassle with the appropriate instructions and supplies. You should also keep in mind about your safety when creating your own garage storage shelves.

Make sure you have the best tools and supplies from the hardware store. And keep to the correct measure if you don’t want everything to fall out of the room. You should also try other solutions beyond the garage storage ideas listed here. But this is mainly the basis for your garage shelf building. 


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