How does one become a demonologist

The time has gone by when demonology was only a discipline for chosen ones. It is the modern era and the global Internet. You can find all of the information online, or you can find someone to teach you how to become a demonologist.

By reading this ‘how to become a demonologist’ guide, maybe you are looking for a way to get a demonologist degree or make a demonologist career.

You can find many different internet courses or you will find a school of demonology that will attract you, but you shouldn’t believe it all at once. This is a subtle and dangerous study … Not everyone who is willing to teach you is well versed in demonology.

Don’t let the amounts of money demonologists make fule you. It’s probably a lie, there are a lot of demonic professions, but Demonologist isn’t by far the worst. 

A good question might be, what exactly is demonology? Demonology is one of the supernatural disciplines that is most complicated. The adherents are extremely demanding in terms of obstinacy, will, intellect, imagination, strength, innovation and other personal qualities which are not the most common in our day.  Demonology is the science of demons (demons, devils, incubi of all ranks, Gods of the “lower” worlds, etc.), their essence, methods of calling, submission, exile, and protection from them. The most paranoid occult science, because everyone, EVERY summoned or independently sent infernal spirit will try to deceive you. They will cheat, lie, tell half the truth, set traps, praise and humiliate you or scare you with anger and crush you with force. They need only one thing from you – your soul.

But, if you are still interested in becoming a demonologist here are several basic methods of calling and communicating with the summoned forces:

  • A call with the pendulum, 
  • Challenge the Ouija board, 
  • Call to the crossroad, 
  • Call in the mirror, 
  • Call to/from the circle (with or without a triangle of manifestation).    

 In comparison, the first three need no special effort on the part of the practitioner and are also very spare to the necessary level of knowledge. The first two methods (pendulum and Ouija) are loved because not some blurred images and other glitches can be obtained with their aid, but rather specific words and letters which add up to entirely conscious text. True, this does not reduce possible risks at all, but… you always have to pay for simplicity with something. Demons can speak only two languages. The language of trade and the language of brute force.

But that condition isn’t as bleak as it seems. They still cheat, that’s real, but they cheat in the clearest possible way. Smart and experienced people therefore always leave an apparent loophole in their agreements, but one that they are well aware of and that will not do any serious harm to the agreement’s “human side.”

When the loophole is triggered, everyone is satisfied: the demon – that he deceived, the adept – that escaped with little blood. Understand clearly that you can “disappear” during the summon. Or it will be not you who will return…

You can’t always summon the demon that you need. Instead, it will come to the closest demon. Just ask for all his names (demons always have many). A strong spirit that came instead of the necessary one will not seem a stranger. His name forms part of his might. Expelling them immediately without entering into conversation, is simple. Do not believe any of the called spirits 

Another myth about the way demonology is done. If you called the spirit and gave it an order, then many people believe it is reasonable not to kill him for some reason. So, if he is exiled, how will the spirit do the work? And that’s not your problem-how. Expelling is important ALWAYS.

Devouring you after a wrongly executed call is better for him than doing any work for a small reward. Now, you see how much time and errors demonologists create during a demonology training course and a demonology career.


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