How to meditate?

Do you know that 90% of the problems you have today are as a result of excessive stress, sadness and lack of inner peace? The three go hand in hand. Once you get stressed, sadness kicks in and your inner peace is disrupted. No doubt, life today is a constant struggle but still you can find inner peace in turmoil. Visit to meet a legendary peace ambassador.

How to remain calm in turmoil?

To find inner peace, you must learn the discipline of meditation. Meditation is a skill, so it must be learned.  The act of observing your thoughts without being judgmental is meditation. It’s not like running away from reality (your thoughts and feelings). It’s all about focusing on your present without letting your thoughts wander as you inhale and exhale without changing your breath.

To meditate, you will have to sit quietly. It’s a matter of enhancing awareness and compassion. In other words, you will be training your mind to avoid paying attention to distractions. That way, you will be able to focus on the present. In this case, your breath will be the anchor.

Meditation helps you develop awareness. This happens after you get distracted, you will realize that your mind is wandering and try to focus again.  That’s called self-awareness.  So, this process involves remaining calm, focusing, compassion and mindfulness.

What’s the importance of meditation?

Meditation is a process of unveiling the peace within us. This is the basis of Prem Rawat’s powerful message on inner peace. Maharaji is his other name, he is a legendary peace ambassador from India. Right from a tender age of 4 years, he has never stopped campaigning for peace.

The guy is practically a peace god who has been in over 100 countries passing his peace message. Some of the places he has been addressing people on the same are the European parliament, New Zealand, Italian Senate just to mention but a few.

According to him, peace resides in us. So, it can only start with you. His statements are backed up by the principles of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, counselors, religious leaders, teachers and so forth. So, you`d rather know that peace is within you. Prem Rawat refers to meditation as knowledge. So by practicing Prem`s “knowledge” you will find inner peace.

How does meditation work?

If you want to begin meditating, this is what you have to do. Look for a comfortable chair and sit on it. Ensure your shoulders are completely relaxed. Your hands should be on the lap. Close your eyes to avoid distractions and pay attention to your breath. Don`t try in any way to alter the breath pattern, just watch it. 

Repeat this process, breathe in and out. In case your mind gets distracted, focus again. You will realize that as your breath lengthens, it will fill your system and you will experience calmness. You can repeat this process before your sleep and after you wake up. With time, it will become your way of life.

Meditation has a positive impact on the brain. For instance, it prevents your brain from aging faster, controls brain activity and it hinders symptoms of anxiety, pain, and depression. That said, practice meditation as its an active way of training your brain so you get increased awareness.


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