How To Pack Kitchen Items For Moving?

Nothing beats the savory smell bursting with flavors coming from the kitchen. It instantly grabs the attention of family members around the dining table.

Pack Kitchen Items

When moving to a new home in Adelaide comes a big responsibility to organise the entire kitchen stuff. Packing them safely for the hassle-free move is a big challenge as it consumes a lot of time and energy.

Seeking a professional moving company in Adelaide would facilitate in transferring kitchen items to a new home conveniently. However, for a DIY purpose, there are some fundamentals you need to follow to reap positive results out of your kitchen packing endeavor:


It is highly recommended to start with the cluttered cupboards and work towards neatly organised glass ramekins, dinner plates etc. Make an effort to get rid of unwanted items before you move. 

Organising your stuff will be a lot simpler if your items are ‘arranged by type’ and ‘frequency by use’. For example, a box labelled ‘necessary cooking utensils must be considered on priority while the one that says ‘kitchen baking sheets’ can wait.


  • Fill the box bottom with dish towels, bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Wrap the plates in a packing paper, in one or two layers
  • Place one plate on top of another until the four or five plates are arranged hierarchically 
  • Wrap the entire set of dishes and tape them nicely
  • Make sure to stack plates on the end as it will keep them undamaged
  • Before closing the box, put a layer over the fragile items


Packing utensils become more comfortable and convenient when sorted by types and sizes. Wrap eight to ten spoons of the similar length and forks in the packing paper and tape the stack tightly in a small box. 

Pack Kitchen Items

When packing kitchen knives, be a little bit more cautious. Use multiple layers of wrapping to pack them safely. Besides, utensils like ladles, spatulas and barbecue tongs must be wrapped singly. 

Pots and Pans

Keeping pots and pans intact in big boxes is easier as they are not as brittle as dishware. Place the biggest ones on a box and pile up the smaller pots and pans on the top. 

Also, place a sheet of packing paper in a big pot, then put a tiny one inside. Wrap all of them in a soft material for the safety purpose. If pots and pans happen to have glass lids, wrap them individually in a packing paper prior to placing them in boxes.

Small/Large Appliances

Best to keep mixers, coffee makers and blenders in their original boxes. Or else, use sturdy boxes and pack one electronic appliance in a box. 

Make sure to keep all the small appliances clean. Take apart detachable parts and pack each part separately. Put heavy pieces in the box and fill the left space with crushed paper, foam sheets, antistatic peanuts and more. 

Thoroughly check the manuals on how to prepare big appliances like gas stoves, AC and refrigerators for moving.

Pack Kitchen Items

Kitchen Moving Tips:

Now when you know how to pack your kitchen stuff, you are ready to take the relocation step – the actual shipment of goods to your new home. Moving is not a small task; your best bet would be to hire reputed movers in Adelaide to help:

  • Especially when moving bulky kitchen appliances, research your moving options and get a quote before making your final decision. 
  • Find the licensed moving company that understands your needs and budget and ensures peace of mind.
  • When signing the moving contract, go for the full value protection plan to be reimbursed if any of your items get lost, stolen or damaged while in the mover’s custody. 
  • Make sure that all the kitchen appliances are taken to the place where they should be when unloading the truck. So, open the boxes and prepare a healthy yet delicious meal upon your welcome to the new home. 

Do let us know if you have some more tips to share with us. Add your comments in the section below: 

Get ready for the successful start of a new life.


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