Individual or group self-defence classes: what is more effective?

Choosing a type of martial arts for self-defense. Krav Maga instructor Mikhail Peleg.Pros and cons of individual and group classes with a practicing instructor.Peculiarities of athlete physical training.

After deciding to engage in one of the types of martial arts, you need to make some choices. First, you need to consider which instructor to choose. Second, make a decision if you want to train individually or in a group. Third, you need to find out if you should be physically prepared for such training and be in shape. If you choose Krav Maga classes, then Kravmagic instructor Mikhail Peleg will be able to answer all of your questions competently. Meanwhile, we help you with your questions. And let’s start with choosing a martial art for self-defense.

Choosing a type of martial arts

You may have different goals and reasons why you want to practice this art. These can be personal reasons, or the need to master such a craft to get a job in one of the security services. Also, it can be a desire to improve and master your skills. Each of these reasons and goals should motivate you to take your training seriously.

Nowadays many people choose Jiu-Jitsu. This is due to the vast popularity of this type of martial art, as well as the skillful combination of punches, throws, and various blockages in combat. In this case, the basis of the battle is not only strength, but your agility is very important too. Therefore, it is not enough just to have physical strength that you can improve in the gym. You will need to take a different approach. Only constant training will help you to master this martial art.

Let’s take a look at such an option as Krav Maga classes ( You will never see competition on this type of martial arts on TV. Nevertheless, it is very effective for those who are going to work in the special services or are already working there but want to improve their skills. Krav Maga is full contact combat. It was developed in Israel and helps defender to eliminate any life threats quickly. You can learn this martial art from Mikhail Peleg, who is a practicing instructor and can help you with your training.

Individual or group lessons?

It is essential to figure out which type of classes suits you better. You can start with individual training to properly master the combat technique. In this case, the attention of the coach will be focused entirely on you. Then you can opt for group classes, where you can craft your skills. You can consult with instructor Mikhail Peleg (, who will choose the best approach to training for you. Still, do not forget about the complex physical training, which makes you stronger and more enduring.


  1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Krav Maga and I really want to try it. Should I have some level of physical preparation if I want to learn it?


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