Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments Trends for 2019

It’s impressive to know that what impact non-surgical cosmetic treatments like lasers, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and peels can have. Non-surgical treatments were popular in 2018 and are set to increase in popularity in 2019, especially with new and improved technologies being developed. From fat freezing to body contouring and evading the signs of ageing, non-surgical treatments allow you to shape, lift and tighten without having to undergo the knife.

Here are some of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments that will be big in 2019.

Get Rid of Wrinkles Before They Appear

For many young women, prevention is important. Instead of waiting up until fine lines and wrinkles show up, they are treating them with anti-wrinkle injections like the Botox. The neurotoxins in the Botox prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles as they relax the muscles that crease the skin allowing you to retain youthful looking skin and glow for longer.

Acne Treatment For Skin Glow

On an average 80% of people aged 11-30 will be affected by acne, and due to this, acne treatment continue to rise in popularity. Hydrodermabrasion is one such procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of acne and provide a deep cleaning effect. This removes impurities such as blackheads and dead cells, thus resulting in clear, glowing skin to make you feel rejuvenated.

Clear and Brilliant Laser Facial Treatment

For minor skin problems like the uneven skin tone, sun spots, dullness and large pores, fractional laser skin treatment is very popular. The painless procedure is completed quickly and there is no downtime. A laser wand is moved across the face to brighten skin tone and minimise pore size.

Oxygen Facials

Oxygen facials are popular among celebrities like Madonna. These result oriented facials are more clinical than the average facials and offer immediate results making them a hit with stars who want to get red carpet ready. A high tech compression machine is used to push oxygen and other skin care products into the skin through pressurised stream of air. While this treatment is not pampering as the ordinary facial but can bring balance back to the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines making the skin plumper and brighter.


Coolsculpting is gaining traction as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. It targets stubborn fat pockets like the love handles, belly paunch or double chin that won’t go away, no matter how much exercise or diet. This non-surgical procedure is done using handheld paddles to suction your skin while a cooling mechanism freezes the skin thus destroying the fat cells below the surface of the skin. The therapist firmly massages the treatment area to break up the fat which is then eliminated by the body’s natural immune system. however, you may need more than one session and results can take up to three months to see.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Traditional rhinoplasty is painful, invasive and requires a lot of time to recovery. A non-surgical nose job is an alternative to this and is performed using injectable fillers such as hyaluronic acid and Juvederm. Results offered by this treatment are not permanent but is popular for people who wish to have smooth out bridge bumps or create nostril symmetry. Non-surgical nose jobs cannot reduce the size of the nose, so people who want smaller noses may not find this treatment good.

Scar Remodelling Techniques

If you have surgical scar tissues or scar tissue formation from an injury such as the keloid scar, then scar remodelling techniques can help reduce it. The physical therapist can use various other techniques as well like laser therapy, cautery, superficial radiotherapy (SRT Therapy) and fractional resurfacing to remove the scars.

These are some of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments trends that will be big in 2019.


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