PDFBear: Edit Your PDF Using The Add Watermark Tool

Do you ever wonder how to put a watermark on a PDF file? Are you having doubts that maybe it is complicated to do it and do not have the time? Throw that worry away because PDFBear offers a tool where you can add a watermark to your PDF file. 

In this article, we’re going to show the process of using the add watermark tool and what more it offers when using the tool. Just keep on reading this article to learn more about PDFBear’s add watermark tool.

How To Use

If you are looking for an easy process, PDFBear’s add watermark to PDF tool gives you only four quick instructions to follow. No more waiting for how many hours just to add watermark to pdf. With PDFBear’s tool, all you need is a minute or two for your edited pdf file to be processed. 

To use the add watermark tool, here are the steps. The first step would be to select from your device the PDF file you want to put a watermark. You can do the drag-and-drop method of the selected file for a quick process. 

The second step in adding a watermark using PDFBear is to type the text you want as a watermark or select an image from your device. You can also customize the transparency of your text and even the font style. The third step would be the positioning of your watermark. 

You could choose where to place your watermark on your PDF file and what position you want it to be. For the last step, apply all the changes and start downloading your edited PDF file. Quick and easy, right? Note that this will only take a few minutes to process your watermarked PDF.

Highest Quality

One of the best things that PDfBear offers is the quality they provide. When using the add watermark tool, you can guarantee that after you download your watermarked PDF file, your document’s quality will be at its finest. 

PDFBear also offers a wide range of font settings. You can easily customize your own watermark, from its color to font family to font size. You can also choose an image as your watermark, as mentioned in the steps above. With all of this customization, the quality of your PDF file will not be compromised.  


Another thing about PDFBear’s add watermark tool is that you do not need to download anything or install software just for you to use the tool. PDFBear is online and free, which means you can access it anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to the internet. 

Did you know that you can access PDFBear using any device? Yes, you can either use it using your laptop, desktop, or even your smartphones. PDFBear is compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so on. It also supports all systems from Windows to Mac to Linux. Very convenient for a tool, right? 


Sometimes it is hard not to doubt an online tool, especially when it requires uploading files. But PDFBear assures you that everything with them is totally secured. All files uploaded from their system are definitely protected by 256-bit encryption technology. 

According to their privacy policy, every file uploaded in their systems will be deleted from their servers an hour after it has been processed. This is to make sure that there are no unauthorized users can access your PDF file. PDFBear has the highest security standards that assure their customers that their privacy always comes first. 

So if you are having doubts or just being a little bit skeptical about using PDFBear’s add watermark tool, just go see it for yourself, or better check out their privacy policy at the bottom of their website and learn about their high-level security.


Convenience is one of the most common factors when looking for an online tool. With PDFBear, adding a watermark to your PDF has never been this easy, and you also get the convenience you are looking for. It has a high-speed process and offers the best quality of the finished product. 

PDFBear is also very accessible to anyone that you can use it anywhere you are, and anytime you want, either you are using your smartphone or laptop. Besides the add watermark tool, PDFBear has a lot of features to offer. So if you are having a PDF problem, go to PDFBear and check out their other features.


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