Plan the Vintage Texas Wedding of Your Dreams with Ease

Everything in Texas is big, and that probably includes your wedding dreams. Whether you prefer an elegant vintage tea party theme, or a rustic cowboy feel, you are likely to need one thing: event rentals Austin. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a big budget on rentals. Check out these ideas for making your vintage Texas wedding the one you’d always imagined.

Consider an Outdoor Garden Party

Outdoor weddings are all the rage, especially in a state known for its warm and sunny days. A vintage garden theme is elegant, classy, and can often be done even if you have a tight budget. Pick up vintage glasses, teacups, and teapots at thrift stores or antique shops in the days before your wedding and use them as centerpieces or even to serve your guests during the reception’s meal. Flowers or other plants also make excellent centerpieces, and you can add some extra Texas flair with bluebonnets, the state flower. 

When it comes to the wedding party’s attire, consider a shorter wedding dress with a pair of custom cowgirl boots. If you prefer a more traditional dress, you can still add a bit of Texas flair to the attire with hats and boots for the guys. Keep the elegant vibe going by hiring someone to drive you around in a classic car for the big day.

Go Country Casual

Perhaps you aren’t quite into the traditional wedding themes, and that’s okay. You can go country casual with your vintage Texas wedding. Barns, lodges, old farmhouses, and even state parks are excellent venues for casual country weddings, especially if you happen to know someone who owns one. 

A casual vintage Texas wedding is the perfect time to add your style to your attire. A short dress with cowgirl boots in your wedding colors is easy to maneuver in and stands out as something unique, and you can add some elegance to the outfit with lace adornments or vintage diamonds or pearls. Have the guys wear traditional tuxedos with hats and boots or go completely casual with dark wash jeans.

When it comes to decor, consider using vintage horseshoes, old wooden decor, vintage wine glasses that hold tealight candles, or rustic tables and chairs. The possibilities are practically endless, especially if you love to mix and match textures and colors.

Benefits of a Wedding Rental Company

Wedding furniture rental is an excellent way to get unique pieces for your ceremony and reception without overspending on your budget. Rental companies can provide rental chairs, tables, backdrop furniture, and much more, and many companies work with local dealers to find unique, antique pieces to set the mood. You might even be able to find gorgeous vintage sofas, wine racks, cake displays, and much more.

When choosing a wedding rental company, seek out one that is experienced at providing furniture, dishes, and other items that match the type of wedding you want to have. Remember to check reviews, ask plenty of questions, and get a full written quote to help you determine which company best meets your needs. Archive Rentals is an example of a vintage-themed rental company serving the state of Texas.


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