These Are the Footwear You Must Have in Your Wardrob

There is a lot of variety of branded footwear for women. Each style has got its own specialty and uniqueness. Female fashion overall is designed and is popular because of its beautiful designs and its functionality. But understanding this fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea.

With a wide range of women’s footwear available, many of us can get easily confused as to how and what to style. Now there are styles that are more comfortable and natural, most are very practical and some are stylish that suit only certain situations or outfits.

If you are one of those people who get confused with branded footwear for women please keep reading as we will be explaining to you how to style each type of footwear.

Casual Footwear

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. These are the shoes that women wear on a day to day basis. They are mostly paired with casual wear like trousers, sweatpants, or capris. But are also paired with short dresses, party dresses, etc. 

Many women avoid wearing heels on an everyday basis and hence casual footwear is mostly flat or has very little elevation. They are comfortable for walking, standing, and climbing downstairs.

Let us look at a few popular casual footwear;

Ballerinas: Ballerinas are closed shoes that have no heels. They are very girly with bright colors and design on them. They are very versatile as they go with almost any type of clothing.

Wedges: Wedges are sandals with some form of elevation. They give a very sophisticated look to the outfit. They are a lot more comfortable than stilettos or pumps.

Lace-ups: Lace-ups are shoes that can be fastened with laces. They can be any form of shoes that completely cover your foot. They are a lot more sturdy than ballerinas and hence are more suitable for walking distances.

Canvas Shoes: Many people confuse canvas shoes with running shoes. Although they may look the same, the main difference between canvas shoes and running shoes are their soles. They go great with T-shirts or short dresses.

Flip Flops: They are the most convenient slip-ons that are worn mostly on a beach or poolside. They are usually made from foam soles. They are very versatile and are available in all colors. 

Mules: Mules are sandals that are open back and covered from the front. They offer great support and come in very sturdy material.

Loafers: It is a casual shoe that is a slip-on type but covers your feet completely. They are used to add a classic edge to the look. They are mostly available in leather or any other sturdy material.

Gladiator Sandals: It is a type of strappy sandal that is mostly ankle to shin length. They look great with maxi dresses or long skirts. The heel variety of this type of sandals is also available that look chic and stylish.

Running Shoes: Designed with running or training in the mind, they have thick or foam soles that reduce the exercise impact. They are meant to protect your knees and other joints of the legs.

Dress Shoes

These types of shoes are elegant and more sophisticated than casual footwear. They mostly consist of formal shoes and party shoes. They are more glamorous and stylish and mostly are heeled. 

They are mostly available in muted colors like pink, nude, beige, or black. They mostly come in with metallic embellishments, sequences, animal prints, or other types of designs. Let us look at some common types of Dress Shoes:

Pumps: Pumps go with different styles of clothing right from formals to party dresses. They are mostly preferred for business events. They mostly come in muted colors like nudes or beige.

Stilettos: Stilettos are classic women’s party footwear. They go in skirts dresses even jeans. They are pointy in the front and have medium to high heels that are thinner than the pumps.

Ankle strap heels: They are a lot like wedges but have higher elevations. They look great with skirts. 

Women’s Boots

Women’s boots are a very practical style of clothing. They provide insulation against heat as well as look chic and are very functional. They match all the outfits depending upon the length.

Ankle Boots: Ankle boots look great with jeans. They are very versatile and are very stylish.

Calf Boots: These types of boots offer more coverage and are better for winter. They look great on any type of outfit. 

Chelsea Boots: Chelsea boots are flat boots that offer a great fit. They usually come in colors such as maroon, brown, or black.


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