Tips To Modern Ways of Doing SEO

Google, a popular search engine that can be used to search for information about almost everything. Each and every business and website holder yearns to get rank one on google. Why is it that everyone wants to get that top spot? The answer is very clear, the top rank would mean good quality traffic, increase in sales and popularity.

Now let us have a look at how Google works. Google has many automated systems working continuously that visit different websites on the internet, take shot of every page, and record them in a huge database. Google then determines the subject of each page by going through everything present in the shots of the page. Google then uses this data to decide which web pages to display, the order, for a certain keyword search.

To achieve such high rankings is a challenging task. Even the most experienced people struggle with achieving that top ranking spot. Let us see how we can get rank 1 on Google.

1. Obtain Backlinks To Your Website

Guest posting is a very useful way of acquiring backlinks. Guest posting means writing and publishing articles on someone else’s blog. The host must include the link of your site either at the beginning or end of the post. By this, your visibility increases and also there is an increase in the traffic to your site. Allowing people to guest post on your site is also an astounding idea. One more way is to look for broken links on industry websites and appealing that they replace them with links to your website.

2. Select Pragmatic Keywords

Targeting the right keywords would help you reach rank one in google. It is easy to reach rank one by using mysterious or dubious keywords. However, we do not want to rank for mysterious keywords, we want to rank for real queries that people are searching for. Various tools are available to look for decent keywords that have little competition. Nevertheless, once the company becomes more credible you can shift to more competitive keywords that will gross you more good quality traffic.

3. Get The Most Out Of Each Bit Of Content For Your Keywords

By using more specific keywords you can start ranking much faster. Once you have started using easier and specific keywords, it is time to use these keywords in calculated places of your page. Make sure you do not overuse your keywords.  It is important that you use these keywords in different ways within your content. Concentrate on using keywords in your URL, headings, image captions, throughout your content. Using keywords wisely does not mean that you can compromise with the quality of your content. Google opts complete content that covers the topic at hand.

4. Add High Quality Content To Your Website

Content marketing is becoming very popular among various firms. This involves using different content types like blogs, webinars, videos and so on to charm customers. To achieve rank one in google you need to add content to your website regularly. Adding content does not mean that you add anything just for the sake of adding; add helpful, extremely good content that would actually be useful for your customers and candidates.

This will be helpful in boosting your rankings in two ways. The first point is, more content would result in more keywords, and thus more chances for Google to give back your website in the search results. Second, having lots of content would lead to an accumulation of a lot of links.

5. Make Mobile Friendly Websites

Earlier mobile phones were used to make phone calls and send normal texts but nowadays it can be used to click photos, face time with your relatives and friends, search for information and so on. Almost everyone uses mobile phones to search for information on the internet. Therefore, your website should be advanced for mobile devices and easy to steer so that users can find what they need quickly.

6. Your Page Should Load Quickly

It is a busy world.  Everyone is busy doing something or the other. Nobody likes to wait for a web page to load. If your website takes several seconds to load then this could negatively affect your ranking. How to deal with this? A lot of different tools are available to check or test website page speed. You can use these tools and optimize your website so that your pages load fast on all devices.

You rank number one for a keyword does not mean you keep on using similar keywords. Google keeps on changing and updating its ranking algorithms. Remember one thing, you need to do something that is out of your comfort zone. Choosing the right keywords and viewers can definitely increase your chances of getting rank one on Google. Keep blogging, guest posting, and getting backlinks. A lot of attentiveness and tolerance will prove to be beneficial when you achieve that top rank. Work hard and never lose hope. 


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