Top 10 personalized Judaica gifts

Gifts are a forever token of love presented by our loved ones to us. It’s a formal saying that one should never see the price of a gift but the heart of the one who gifts it, however small or large it may be. A gift for friends and family doesn’t need any special occasion.

You love them, you can gift them your whole world. But what if you present them with some really beautiful and personalized Judaica gifts on some special occasion? Be it Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversary, or your partner’s birthday.

Gifting them a Judaica gift or Stoner Gifts is one of the best things you can do. Confused about what to gift? Here are 10 beautiful but classy personalized Judaica gifts that your loved ones will surely adore.

Glass Art with Mezuzah Scroll

Gifts are meant to be a symbol of love. Gifting someone a stunning mezuzah for their home is something really special and unique. This handcrafted mezuzah has its own significance.

It is said that in mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, a mezuzah is fixed to the doorstep of Jewish homes which means to “write holy and God words on the doorstep of your house”. A mezuzah is a blessing for a home. It has a kosher scroll and you can hang it easily.

Kiddush Cups

Kiddush literally means “Sanctification” and it’s a blessing which is recited over a ceremony of drinking wine or grape juice to bless the Shabbat. This Kiddush cup gives an elegant representation as a classy gift. Its goblet shape gives an attractive and elegant look to the cup.

This cup is the perfect gift on the occasion of a wedding or anniversaries. This wine goblet has a beautiful saucer and stem that makes it easier to use. A fine set of these Kiddush cups gives a luxurious feeling in a ceremony.

Handmade Kosher Shofar

It is said that when someone blows a shofar, it brings celebration, harmony, and good luck. Jewish families blow the shofar on high holidays, bar and bat mitzvahs, and weddings. It’s really fun to have them at home and they are just as elegant as they sound, a unique gift meant for décor.

Star of David Earrings

These beautiful earrings are perfect gift material for your mother, sister or your spouse. These earrings are made of silver pewter on stainless steel wires and it completes an elegant but stylish look on a woman.

The Star of David is a very well-known symbol in Judaism. It symbolizes that God is the one ruling over the universe, protecting the wearer, and facilitates her to achieve her aspirations in the world.

City of David

It’s one of the most remarkable and noteworthy archeological excavations in the world. Every thrilling breakthrough reveals something significant about the history of the city of Jerusalem.

These gifts are made in Israel and are the perfect present for your loved ones. This David’s harp napkin holder is elegant and adds a hundred stars to the décor of your dining table. This is probably one of the best Judaica gifts ever.

Nickel Candlestick Set

This candlestick set comes with a beautiful mirror and floral pattern, enough to attract anyone with its first glimpse. It gives a unique but royal appearance and it is one of the perfect gifts for weddings and anniversaries. It’s traditional, classy, and gorgeous.

Traditional Olive Oil Soap

Always gift something that may be of any use to them. How about gifting someone natural and traditional olive oil soap? Traditional soap is made up of olive oil and it contains Vitamin E, antioxidants, and many useful minerals good for the skin.

Olive oil soaps are used from ancient times for the betterment of the skin and health. This soap proves to be the best Judaica gift for your partner.


The Tefillin is a significant item in Ashkenaz tradition in Europe. This set of Tefillin (also known as phylacteries) is composed of sheep or goat hide and it features knots, straps, and writing on the inside. This set can be gifted as a souvenir to your loved ones.

Hanukah Menorahs

Perfect for Jerusalem decorations, Hanukah Menorahs are a set of candlesticks inspired by the holy city of Jerusalem. Each candlestick holds seven branches that represent ancient tradition and Jewish culture.

Earlier used in the temple, now it’s an amazing gift for décor. You can present them to your Jewish friends on their birthdays as Menorah’s beautiful design is a treasure indeed.

Judaica Seder Plate

A Seder Plate is something you can never refuse. Just the beauty of this plate is enough to mesmerize anyone with its first look. The blue and white color represents the history and symbolism of Israel. It’s an elegant gift for your friends and family as it’s the perfect Judaica gift and a décor material.


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