What Are Your Options To Paying Off A Traffic Ticket?

Getting tickets for a traffic violation or citation is undoubtedly an inconvenience; and one that often requires a court appearance, ticket fees, a course in traffic school, and may even lead to a temporary suspension of your driver’s license.

Since drivers tend not to take these tickets too seriously, and might even brush them aside to be dealt with later, they often find themselves in predicaments involving an accumulated, hefty fee in traffic tickets, and an appearance in traffic court. And, for drivers barely getting by financially, having a huge sum of money owed for traffic tickets hanging over their heads is a burden best avoided. The troubles don’t just end in paying off the fees at our most convenient date. Lateness in paying off the traffic tickets also attracts extra costs; including, lateness fess, possible traffic lawyer fees, and payment for the renewal and processing of a suspended license.

Traffic Court

Financially unstable drivers will be glad to hear that there are other options put in place to make paying off their traffic fines an easier feat to handle.

Traffic School

Some states offer drivers the option of paying off traffic tickets by enrolling in and completing courses in traffic school. Not all states offer this, and for the ones that do, the option is open to only eligible drivers. How this works is, instead of paying the fines in cash, you enrol in a traffic school and your debts would be paid off. Of course, traffic school comes with some of its own costs and payments, but they are considerably less than paying off the traffic tickets in cash.

Community Service

Another way off paying off a traffic fine if you are unable to produce the needed cash is by doing community service. Usually, the judge in traffic court will sentence you with the length and type of community work you will do. This option is considerably better than having to hand out cash in payment fees; the downside is all the hours you will have to put in into the community work, and if you are an employee at an organization or a have a demanding job, you may not be able to keep up with the hours. However, if you are a work from home person, a professional driver with a suspended license, or a self-employed person, the community service route might work best for you.

Reduced Payments/Extension of Deadline

The period of time you are expected to pay up your traffic fines and the amount is usually standard. Most times, it varies according to state and jurisdiction, but never too much. Most states will however, make room for an extension of traffic fines payment deadlines, and may even reduce the fees. It is an allowance usually made at the judge’s discrepancy, if the driver communicates their financial difficulties to the judge. Some states even allow for driver’s to plead for a payment extension in the form of a mailed letter.

Payment Plans

The court can also afford to grant the offending driver payment plans, if it is impossible for him to pay off the entire fees all at once. This is an allowance that is often made, as traffic tickets do not come cheap, and after all of the court fees and other costs are added, the fees are greatly increased. Some drivers are unable to make these payments in full, and are more comfortable making smaller payments in monthly instalments. The amount of each payment and the frequency is to be determined by the area you live in, and you should find out the payment plans available.


Getting a traffic ticket is never a good experience. If you still want to make the process less hassling, you should consult a ticket lawyer or let him or her represent you to resolve the issue. You can search with ticket lawyers near me to find a lawyer to represent you.

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