What is Appzilla Appstore? Top 5 Best iOS Appstore Alternatives 2021

Where do you head to install an app? Play Store or may be some third party service, right?

At times, getting that much needed app becomes a real struggle. But all your struggle will be gone now. Yes, we are talking about a solution. Don’t need to search any app here and there when you can get all in one place. Appzilla App let you do this alone!

What is Appzilla App?

It is one of the oldest platforms having a huge collection of apps and games. It offers 40 handy apps in one. Whether it is an LED flashlight to help you at night or a spell checker to correct your sentences, it has everything for you. Be it a translator or some cool game, Appzilla has got you covered.

This app was launched in 2010. In the year 2014, it was removed from the Apple app store.

It is a top choice for all games as well as app lovers. This app is compatible on both Android and IOS devices.

However, there are many issues with this app. It is not a trusted platform like before.

But that’s not an issue anymore. Here are the best alternatives of Appzilla that can serve you the same purpose.

Top 5 Appzilla alternative


Altstore is totally safe and legal to use. The best option to install apps on your iOS device. The best thing is it does not demand jailbreaking. You can access multiple game emulators and unofficial apps through this. Altstore works similar to Apple Play Store.


If you want to have game hacks to X and other IOS apps, iOSgods is the best place. It is a third party App Store that allows you to install paid iOS games and apps for free. It does not require a PC but supports iPad, iPod or iPhone.

You can use it on jailbreak as well as non jailbreak devices. It updates regularly so provides you with the fastest updates for game hacks.

Panda helper

No matter if you have an iPhone or Android device, the Panda helper works on both. It allows you to install unofficial quicksand apps including Pro and premium apps. It does not charge a penny for it. If you are tired of regular Play Stores, it will surely be of help.


Suppose you want to install a game and it is unavailable on the official app store. This is real pain right? That’s why Tweakdoor allows users like you to install all those unavailable apps free of cost. It is free, hundred percent legal and safe. It does not demand jailbreaking, your Apple ID or things like that.

CokerNutX App

Cokernutx is an app that serves as a Play Store. SSL encryption ensures safe and secure downloads. It opens a window of 5000 apps, all arranged in categories so that you can find it better! Currently it has one million users. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and other platforms.

All of these apps work best and can be trusted. Tell us which alternative you liked the most?


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